The age statement is going back on the world's leading malt Glenfiddich. When William Grant dropped the eight year old claim from its bottles in the early 1980s there was criticism that this implied that some of its constituent parts were less than eight years old. The competition capitalised on this and highlighted the age of their malts. The company has been acting to redress this and the has now unveiled a revamp of the packaging, which includes a 12 year old age statement. It will go into the UK trade in April and globally during the rest of the year. International marketing manager Mark Jaffe said: "Consumers look for the reassurance of an aged single malt Scotch whisky as one of the key benchmarks for quality and authenticity. As category leader, we recognise this expectation and the introduction of a 12 year old age statement offers a tangible consumer benefit and adds value to the brand." {{DRINKS }}