Concerns over irresponsible drinks marketing have prompted an international trade association to draw up guidelines for drinks manufacturers across the globe.

The Federation Internationale des Vins et Spiriteux (FIVS) is putting suppliers’ promotional tactics under the microscope to develop a code of best practice.

The initiative is intended to bridge the gap between the guidelines of the Portman Group in the UK and the Amsterdam Group which advises suppliers in other EU countries.

The FIVS’s voluntary code is expected to cover the naming of products as well as responsible packaging and promotion. The Wine and Spirit Association said it had encouraged the FIVS to investigate the practice of social responsibility by international firms.

Quentin Rappoport, director of the WSA, said: “It is very important that the industry is seen to be opposing misuse and supporting sensible drinking, and this is a fundamental part of the strategy.”

Diageo is currently assessing the impact of a two-week TV ad campaign promoting drinking in moderation while Pernod Ricard has added the tag line ‘Enjoy wine in moderation’ to ads for its Jacob’s Creek brand.