Clive Beddall, Madras The Indian government's decision to allow commercial planting of genetically modified cotton has prompted protests from farmers' groups and an organisation promoting organic food. The move was described as "environmental terrorism" by the All India Agriculture Workers Union, which has pledged to fight the government in the courts. And an environmental lobby group described the groundbreaking decision as a sellout to the multinationals. Vandana Shiva from the Navdanya biodiversity conservation programme said: "There are no tests of the impact of this transgenic in the food chain." However, other parts of India's food and farming sector are describing GM technology as the way ahead. Arun Goyal, director of the academy of business studies in New Delhi said: "The food industry faces a tough challenge with changing habits, falling prices and excess supply. "Countries like China are forging ahead with GM crops and some time or other we will have to adopt them." {{NEWS }}