The Dutch food industry has criticised Greenpeace's controversial consumer guide which ranks products into three bands relating to their GM content. Blacklisting companies for using GM ingredients or failing to clarify their position on GM technology is both "misleading and confusing", according to VAI, the body representing the Dutch food industry. The organisation has accused Greenpeace of causing "unnecessary alarm" by implying GM ingredients are dangerous. Products are assigned one of three colours in the web-based guide: red for GM, yellow for those made by firms committed to removing GM from animal feed and green for GM-free. In a separate development, Monsanto has announced the results from GM sugar beet field trials in the Irish Republic demonstrating superior yields and weed resistance to conventional weed control programmes for the fourth successive year. General manager Patrick O'Reilly said: "It is now up to the sugar beet growers to encourage the Department of Agriculture and Irish Sugar to begin testing these varieties." {{NEWS }}