Sir; In welcoming your Opinion last week, I would like to comment on "the notion that GM is a silver bullet that will feed the world's starving millions". To promote a fair debate in this country we also have to dispel some myths about the technology, and that includes myths about the benefits. We have never said that this is a panacea to fix the developing world's hunger problems. Neither do we say it will fix all agricultural problems in the UK. It won't feed the world, but it will help feed the world. It will also help some cotton farmers in South Africa have more profitable farms and better working conditions, freeing up time for their children to go to school instead of labouring in the fields. It does mean that farmers in the UK could have an option to spray their pesticides in a more targeted fashion, thereby saving on both pesticides and fuel. However, we have gone to great pains to say that GM should be considered as one solution to address such problems. While we recognise the need to communicate in clear and transparent terms, we won't let the demand for soundbites get in the way of rational argument based on fact. That's why we will continue to refer to GM as a tool in the toolbox for farmers both here and the developing world, and one which we shouldn't be denied. Stephen Smith Chairman ABC {{LETTERS }}