Organic was big news on the German stand as CMA ­ the marketing board for the country's food and drink suppliers ­ introduced nine newcomers to its pavilion. CMA UK director Kurt Bettin said Germany accounted for nearly a third of all organic European meat and dairy product sales. Among the new products on show was an organic version of Orchard Dairy Quark ­ the soft cheese which is as popular in Germany as Cheddar is here ­ being launched by HT Webb. And Golden Acre Dairy Foods ­ a new company representing a range of European dairies ­ exhibited a portfolio that included Sobbeke organic yogurt desserts, cheese and ice cream. It hopes to use the range as a basis for developing own label business. Dan International launched a new functional fruit juice ­ Bertrams Exclusiv Omega. The blend of apple, orange, grape and cherry fruit juice contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease. Karlsberg Brewery introduced two unusual concoctions ­ Mixery, a beer and cola in a can, and a beer and apple juice product called Joy's. In another first for the company it also showed Karlsbrau Ur-Pils in a PET bottle. {{NEWS }}