Sir; I write as a scientist, and one of the joint authors of the IFST Information Statement on Organic Food. I am comfortable, as is the IFST Statement, with organic as a method of food production, among others, to provide organic food for those consumers who choose it for whatever reason. However, there are those for whom organic is a pseudo-religion to be forced on the whole of society, and others for whom organic is already very big business with every prospect of growing ever bigger (and some for whom both the ideological and commercial motives apply). These are the twin drives behind the absurd ­ and sometimes abusive ­ attacks that have greeted Sir John Krebs' remarks, and, indeed, are also among the motivations of the anti-GM propaganda campaigns. I would be among the first to offer constructive criticism of the Food Standards Agency if I thought it merited it, or if it indulged in "political blather", as one of your correspondents put it. Having kept close track of the work of FSA in many areas since its inception in April, however, I consider it has made an extremely good start at tackling its huge and multi-faceted task, and that it deserves not only the confidence but the active support of all in the food field. Prof J Ralph Blanchfield MBE {{LETTERS }}