Mediterranean grapefruit growers remain optimistic about their grapefruit sales in the coming months as the effect of hurricane damage in Florida continues to make its effects felt.
According to trade sources, many shipping programmes to Europe from Florida have been cancelled simply because of a lack of fruit - a situation that will extend past Christmas.
Current prices for the first early picked fruit range from £8.50-£10.50 per carton (of 40-48 fruit) on the wholesale markets. These are expected to strengthen following the release of new figures by the Mediterranean Citrus Producers’ Association (CLAM).
The region’s total crop of 451,400 tonnes is 10% smaller than last year. From this total, only 220,000 tonnes are expected to be exported fresh.
The Mediterranean grapefruit market is dominated by Turkey, which exports 90,000 tonnes a year, and Israel (72,000 tonnes). Cyprus and Spain are the other major sources in the region, exporting 28,000 tonnes each.