The Olympic Games in Athens next year gives Greece an unprecedented opportunity to promote and increase awareness of its food and drink, according to Euromonitor.
Its report on the market for travel and tourism in Greece estimated that the August Games would attract an extra one million visitors to the country. This year 13.9 million people visited Greece, nearly three million from the UK.
Euromonitor research analyst Katerina Makatouni said the anticipated impact on tourism would benefit UK sales of impulse packaged food products. “British tourists who try a variety of local foods while they are holidaying in Greece will stimulate demand for these products when they return to the UK,” said Makatouni.
“Grand sponsors, such as the dairy Fage, will invest heavily in advertising and for Fage this will boost awareness of its Total brand among consumers all over the world, including the UK,” said Makatouni.
She believed the main beneficiary would be Greek olive oil but thought Greek wine could miss out because of its unique taste and poor reputation.