Independent retailers are being given the opportunity to boost their sustainability credentials by signing up for a green consultancy tour of London. Green Retail Trend Tours, run by Insider Trends, consist of a tour of London’s green retailers and businesses, followed by an ideas workshop on the second day and follow-up reports.

“It’s an innovation spring-board,” said Insider Trends founder Cate Trotter, a former ethical market strategist. “London is a world leader in sustainable initiatives. In spite of the credit crunch, we can link up businesses with potential partners, as a networking service.”

Insider Trends’ previous projects include work on Unilever’s sustainability strategy, a Cath Kidston-designed Tesco shopping bag, and Nokia’s CSR. But despite the big-name clients, Trotter believes independents are more important. “Most of the companies taking the green tour are independent, and because independents are smaller, they can act much more quickly. They are doing very exciting things.”