Greenpeace has stepped up the pressure over illegal palm oil production with new allegations against supplier Sinar Mas.

Sinar Mas was at the centre of controversy last month when Greenpeace released a gruesome online video alleging that Nestlé’s Kit-Kat brand was linked to illegal palm oil production resulting in the death of endangered orang-utans.

Nestlé has since confirmed it no longer buys palm oil from Sinar Mas but continues to source oil from Cargill, which in turn does business with companies including Sinar Mas.

Today Greenpeace issued new claims that Sinar Mas “continues to destroy Indonesia's rainforests despite promises to stop” through one of its subsidiaries, PT BAT.

“These cases show that Sinar Mas' commitments are meaningless and nothing but greenwash,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

Nestlé  last month abandoned its page on social networking site Facebook after thousands of users posted comments critical of the manufacturing giant for its alleged role in the controversy.

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