In a fitting irony, the state of the art projector at a high-tech internet conference decided to "go down", leaving stranded speakers struggling to explain their high-tech websites with a noticeable lack of high-tech help. One speaker, obviously vastly experienced in such technical matters, threatened to resort to the old fashioned, but far more reliable, acetates. Perhaps emergency blackboards should be provided in future? Meanwhile, the good people of Brussels have been left reeling from the news that one of their most respected institutions has come under fire. I am, of course, referring to the humble Brussel Sprout, which Sainsbury has re-christened the British Sprout. Handbags at dawn. Rumours that the Yorkshire Pudding's days are numbered in Belgian stores remain unconfirmed, although the Flanders Pudding has a certain ring... Back in London, it was handbags at dusk as the great and good from the food industry gathered for a debate hosted by Jeremy Paxman on Tuesday night. Things soon livened up when the audience decided to indulge in a spot of supermarket bashing. As the only representative of the multiples on the panel, Safeway's Kevin Hawkins took the flak with good grace. After two hours of abuse, however, even Hawkins began to lose his cool. When one heckler from the floor said she would rather shop at Iceland than Safeway, Hawkins was heard to mutter:"I wish you were in Iceland!" {{COUNTERPOINT }}