Readers will be shocked at the sight of that BBC icon and scourge of the political establishment, John Humphrys cosying up to our esteemed editor in London last week. Sick, public snogging sessions between rival journalists? Surely the venerable pair are far too respectable and long in the tooth for that sort of nonsense? Actually, the occasion was the Business Food and Drink Journalists Awards, sponsored by Britvic, when Humphrys presented our man with the lifetime achievement Oscar in recognition of his 2,344 years as a news hack, most of them on our august organ. The intimate love-in was snapped when the official photographer insisted on the duo posing together to mark the glittering occasion. Trouble is, our man's six foot four inch frame towered over the more diminutive BBC presenter so they were forced to make slight adjustments to their poses to even things out. Well, at least that's their story! {{COUNTERPOINT }}