Restrictions on the times that stores are allowed to receive deliveries could be relaxed if a forthcoming best practice delivery guide persuades local authorities that current restrictions are too harsh.
The Department for Transport, together with the British Retail Consortium and Freight Transport Association, has created an online guide with up-to-date information on the advances in delivery technology and best practice.
Although there is currently no ban on late-night deliveries, most retailers’ delivery times are restricted because of noise abatement orders and planning permission restrictions enforced by local authorities.
However, it is hoped that the information provided in the guide, which goes live within six weeks, could persuade local authorities to think again.
Paul Browne, policy executive for the BRC, who has been working on the guide for the past 12 months, said: “We are looking for some flexibility in delivery times in locations where it is suitable.”
A Department for Transport spokesman added: “When local authorities grant stores planning permission they routinely add a late-night delivery ban. They may wish to look at this again.”