C-stores and newsagents are demanding an end to wholesalers' monopoly of newspaper and magazine distribution. The Association of News Retailers ­ subsidiary of the Association of Convenience Stores ­ is pressing the OFT to investigate wholesalers in its current sector review. ANR and ACS chairman Mike Greene said the sector was dominated by "a monopolistic industry". He continued: "This monopoly needs to be broken to give retailers a choice of where they receive supplies from." His views have been echoed in the National Federation of Retail Newsagents' submission to the OFT. The British Retail Consortium has sent a letter to the OFT backing the NFRN. Greene added: "We are determined to see a full Competition Commission inquiry. This is the only area in retail which is still production- pushed rather than retailer pulled," said Greene. ANR national co-ordinator John Lennon added: "We're also pushing for the OFT's review to include magazines." Lennon said one alternative was to adopt the Australian model: "Big retailers could sub-wholesale." The OFT has collected retail groups' submissions but Lennon said he feared it could take two years before conclusions were made. {{NEWS }}