Celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott is touring the country to promote No Chips Week, despite being the face of National Chip Week just six years ago.

Harriott is visiting coastal resorts in a converted chip van to encourage consumers to ditch chips in favour of healthier alternatives such as risotto, or couscous. "We all love a good chip, but eating the same thing day-in day-out can get really boring," he said. "I want to see people trying something different and couscous is a great example of this, it's quick, easy and delicious!"

The chef's tastes have clearly changed since 2003 when he declared: "Everyone loves chips. They are irresistible and extremely moreish."

Harriott has his own couscous range produced by Crosse & Blackwell manufacturer Symington's.

His stance has angered leading UK chip manufacturer McCain. "Ainsley needs to stop demonising chips and remember they are the nation's favourite food and it is proven that they can be part of a balanced and tasty diet," said CEO Nick Vermont.

Research carried out for the campaign found 52% of Britons eat chips weekly.