Harrods has shaken up the offer at its upmarket convenience store, Harrods 102, just five months after it opened for business.

The store, which opened in March opposite Harrods' flagship department store on Brompton Road, has increased its 'food to go' ranges and now offers more sandwiches, salads, quiches and desserts in a more prominent area of the store.

Harrods spokesman Andre Dang said: "We changed the layout for Harrods 102 after we did an exit survey a couple of months ago. Customers wanted a greater choice of fresh foods that could be bought easily and quickly."

The changes had already increased sales figures, he added. "Harrods 102 is definitely a new experience for us and as such we will constantly be reviewing the offering. As always, we will listen to our customers."

The 9,000 sq ft store offers products such as pre-packed meats, eggs and milk alongside an oxygen spa bar, Chinese medicine and a Yo! Sushi bar.