Ex-Northern food chairman Lord Haskins has forecast more pain in the food chain with increasingly fewer, larger suppliers. At the IFEX Food Conference, Lord Haskins said supermarkets were giving less space for selling food which meant a "pretty ruthless approach to private label culling". He said he was also unhappy about the auctions used by stores to deal with suppliers: "I suspect it's not a fair way of doing business." He said the stores' tough action along with too much supply meant there were huge problems in own label profitability. And it was also now more difficult for suppliers to have a unique product and supply proposition. Lord Haskins also highlighted the growing presence of imported food, especially from German manufacturers. He said: "We've a long way to go to compete with productivity in Europe and the US food manufacturers. "In five years' time we won't get 600 British people making sandwiches in a shed for £6 an hour ­ maybe they'll come from Eastern Europe to do it instead." {{NEWS }}