Hauliers and farmers are threatening to picket oil refineries over escalating fuel costs.
Hauliers meet tonight in Stirling and industry sources expect a plan of action to be decided in the next few days.
The Road Haulage Association said that it has warned consistently that failure by government to address the ever-spiralling cost of fuel for UK hauliers may well cause a repeat of protest action.
“We understand that meetings have been held in Scotland, North Wales and elsewhere by groups of hauliers angry at the increasing cost of fuel and their inability to recover these costs from the customer", said RHA chief executive Roger King.
"At some of the meetings, numbers of hauliers have exceeded 200. This clearly demonstrates that attitudes amongst them are becoming increasingly militant.”
Farmers for Action has also held separate meetings to discuss action on fuel prices.
Meanwhile, lorries are facing European-wide tolls as EU transport ministers agreed yesterday to allow tolls on lorries using all roads in the 25 member states. The moves aims to cut the estimated £68bn a year cost of congestion and shift freight to rail.