Hazlewood name is not used any longer

Jonathan Grant-Nicholas Group communications director, Greencore

Sir; Since 2004 Greencore has operated under the Greencore name with two divisions: Greencore Convenience Foods and Greencore Ingredients & Agribusiness - with our formal results reported on this basis. Instead of including Greencore, however, last week's OC&C/Grocer 150 Index made reference to three Hazlewood entities ('The big squeeze is on', The Grocer, 7 July, p30). The accounts for these are filed as part of 80 legal entities owned by Greencore and do not in themselves correctly reflect the structure, size or performance of the group. Greencore acquired the entire Hazlewood Foods business in 2001 but use of the Hazlewood name and its former structures are long gone. Greencore Convenience Foods division's turnover in the last complete financial year (more than 90% UK manufacture) was €901.4 million (£610.5m) placing us 25th in The Grocer listing. With total turnover, Greencore Group was in 16th place. The Editor writes: We welcome comments from companies and will consider the entity proposed by Greencore for inclusion next year. Apologies for any inconvenience.