Few markets rival the soft drinks sector in size and the Forum's trawl of offerings promise to satisfy the thirst of buyers looking for the next big product. Following last year's growing trend, health would still appear to be near the top of the agenda for many manufacturers involved in NPD with Glaceau's Soy Water in the US typical of the new offerings. Lynn Dornblaser, editorial director (North America) for market analyst Mintel, said soy was the latest health craze in the States with research showing benefits to general health. There is also a suggestion soy can help prevent cancer. "I would expect more products like this to come in to the UK," she said. H2O variants also continue with Clearly Canadian's Reebok Fitness and Dannon's Fluoride To Go variants being typical new launches in the US. Red Bull's LunAqua, bottled once a month under a full moon, is also offering a point of difference in Austria. More unusual are White Soda's carbonated milk and Original Goldin Pickle Juice, both on sale in the US. {{P&P }}