The British Heart Foundation’s latest campaign to encourage children to eat healthier food is not an attack on the food industry, the charity has insisted.
Launched this week, the Food4Thought campaign is calling for an end to marketing unhealthy food and drink to children, to make healthy food more affordable and accessible, and to teach children practical cooking skills.
Ian Fannon, spokesman for the BHF, said: “We are not just aiming this at the food industry. We are also asking government, local authorities, schools and parents to play a part in
the solution. We want food companies and manufacturers to be part of the debate. ”
Fannon added that the charity had sent letters to major food companies explaining the campaign and asking for their support. A series of billboard posters has been launched, highlighting the common ingredients of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and cheeseburgers, hidden by a censored stamp.
It follows a BHF survey in which 36% of eight to 14-year-olds could not identify the main ingredient of chips. Answers included oil, eggs and apples.
Beth Brooks