Wannabe non-smokers are the target of a £1.6m TV campaign for Niquitin CQ, due to kick off on Boxing Day.
The nicotine replacement brand is focusing attention on its clear patch format in the new year resolution season, with an ad set to run on ITV, Channel 4 and all satellite channels, including an interactive ad on Sky, until the end of February.
The activity aims to show how important 24-hour help is in fighting the nicotine cravings. It focuses on potentially tricky situations and shows everyday objects transforming into cigarettes to reflect quitters’ craving.
Senior brand manager Amardeep Kahln said sales of the brand rose 192% after the campaign in the same period last year. He said the ad was effective because “it resonates the experiences people have when they attempt to stop smoking”. Once someone had decided they wanted to stop, the ad would “push them into stores to take the first step”.
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