Food experts in Brussels are to deliver their proposal for an EU-wide nutrient profiling model at the end of this month - with speculation mounting they will recommend a broad-brush approach with some exceptions for HFSS foods that contain positive nutrients.

The European Food Safety Authority is developing the model for use in applying the EU's new Health and Nutrition Claims Regulation.

Brussels has decided that any product high in more than one of fat, salt and sugar should not be permitted to carry health claims. Products high in one of those components will only be able to carry a health claim if they also make it clear that they are high in that 'bad' nutrient.

Suppliers of some HFSS foods fear they will be prevented from talking up the vitamins and minerals in their products. They already face a ban on advertising to kids in the UK as a result of Ofcom's use of the FSA's Nutrient Profiling Model.

This week, one industry source said he believed the EFSA was veering towards a more pragmatic approach. "EFSA is considering an across-the-board approach [but] the new rules may have a limited number of exceptions for some foods based on nutrient content."