Little did we know that Simon Lee ­ CEO of MRI International, sponsor of our Gramia 2000 awards held at the London Hilton last week ­ could also have performed the cabaret! We've just discovered that in his spare time he's a trapeze artist and is in demand for all sorts of gigs. "It's something I take incredibly seriously," says Lee. "You have to have 1000% concentration when you're suspended so high off the ground. It's not the time to start thinking about work problems or having the mobile ring." We suspect that this year's Gramia presenter Chris Barrie would have had an aversion to swinging high over the audience of fmcg marketeers despite his outer space hi-jinks in Red Dwarf. But if MRI International returns to sponsor next year's awards then maybe getting Lee to more than sing for his supper could be a novel way of getting Gramia 2001 off to a swinging start! {{COUNTERPOINT }}