New poster ads for this mineral water use percentages to guess the outcomes of situations a 100% Highland Spring girl' might find herself in. The outdoor campaign runs through the summer and includes the London underground. Go Ahead! A new £5m ad campaign for McVitie's lower fat range, plus a £1m sampling and couponing programme, breaks on July 19. Wrigley's Extra The fresh minty experience' is the strapline for a new national TV ad campaign on now and throughout August. Vitalite Seventies pop singer Desmond Dekker is back on radio with The Israelites song to promote this spread from St Ivel. The radio ad campaign runs for nine weeks. Pepsi Part of a £5m marketing drive is a £1m national TV ad campaign on air now. It supports Britvic's Star Wars on pack promotion and shows a man dreaming of chasing a runaway Pepsi truck ­ not to save it but to get enough ringpulls to win the collectables. {{P&P }}