Organic baby food producer Hipp is bringing out World Tastes, an eight-strong range of international recipes, aimed at developing babies' cosmopolitan tastebuds. The launch next month coincides with the arrival of Hipp's first two toddler desserts ­ pancakes with either apple and cinnamon sauce or peach and apple sauce (rsp: 200g, 99p). Three new vegetarian meals for babies of 12 to 15 months (99p ­ £1.15) also join the brand's portfolio. World Tastes consists of six savoury meals and two desserts, based on recipes from India, south east Asia and the Mediterranean. Thai, Sweet and Sour, Moussaka, Paella, Neapolitan and Korma combinations have been adapted to suit babies' milder palates, while cocoa and vanilla and vanilla créme desserts pander to a sweet tooth. All are suitable for babies seven months and over. "With 54% of mothers buying organic baby food, we must continue to innovate right across the range and keep the fixture interesting," said UK marketing manager Jane Mayall. "Through continued recipe development we can help babies enjoy a wider variety of tastes that reflect the flavours they will enjoy later in life." Rsp 79p, 190g. {{P&P }}