Julian Hunt Decorating buns should soon be a piece of cake thanks to a neat piece of innovation from Renshaw Scott under its Supercook brand. Easy Colour is a range of edible colourings in aerosol cans for cooks of all ages to "spray paint" food products as diverse as iced buns and ice cream. Stencils can be downloaded from the Supercook web site. Business unit director Richard Ilsley said the concept had taken three years to develop and was a technological breakthrough. Easy Colour was launched six months ago in the US and will start appearing in UK stores in September to coincide with the start of the traditional baking season. The cans will retail at £1.89 for 65ml ­ enough to decorate eight large cakes or 50 buns. Another plus for retailers is that they have a 12-month shelf life. A second piece of npd from the Supercook stable is a microwaveable 300g version of Royalice cake covering for those who are nervous of making their own icing or who want a more convenient alternative. There is enough in a tub (rsp: £1.69) to cover a large round cake with smooth or peaked icing ­ which can be coloured and flavoured. Ilsley said the launches were part of Renshaw Scott's plans to reinvigorate the £105m baking aids category. The aim is to appeal to a wider range of consumers by introducing products to make baking easier and more fun. {{P&P }}