After a successful London launch, Homeport is urging retailers in Reading to sign up to its unattended' home delivery system to step up their home shopping services. Homeport customers are issued with secure boxes designed to receive goods ordered via internet or phone. Homeport's marketing director Mark Lunn said: "Retailers can save up to 30% by using our service because they don't have to fit in with customers' time slots." There is a £30 installation fee plus a £1 weekly charge for using the service, making it far cheaper than rival Laing's home delivery docks. Insulated compartments enable retailers to deliver frozen and fresh goods. Although Lunn could not reveal the names of the multiples involved in discussions, he admitted Homeport was most interested in those with online shopping services. Homeport is targeting areas within the M25 where customers are "wired and affluent". London retailers Berry Bros, Food Ferry and a dry cleaning firm have already achieved "significant savings" through partnerships with Homeport, added Lunn. {{NEWS }}