EPoS specialist Point Four has launched a software package enabling independent retailers to provide a home shopping service. Shoppers log on to the Point Four web site to find out if local shops are operating the service, and select and pay for goods from a virtual version of their local store. There will be a service charge of about 50p. C-stores in Wales and Nottingham are installing the system, with 200 outlets expected to offer the service within 12 months, said sales manager Simon Pont. "Initially we're targeting retailers signed up to our EpoS system. "Product data for these stores is readily available, plus these retailers already have computers." When an order has been placed on the Point Four site, the retailer is alerted via e-mail and picks the goods ready for the customer to collect. Although the firm is talking to courier companies about home delivery, especially in rural areas, "it's more for collection than delivery," added Point. {{NEWS }}