l Officially 6.4 million people live in Hong Kong ­ of which just 60,000 are now expats l The food retail scene is dominated by Park n Shop and Wellcome who between them operate about 450 stores and control 54% of the market l There is also a thriving c-store scene - with 420 7-Elevens and 150 Circle K stores l Like much of China, a lot of produce is bought through wet markets ­ particularly by older people. The territory has 16,000 licensed wet markets l Families shop on average 26 times a month - second only to the Italians for their frequency l Foodservice is a huge opportunity. There are almost 10,000 licensed outlets and 50% of most people's food budget is spent eating out l The Chinese are a price conscious lot. While they are not price sensitive as such, you have to be perceived to be selling a bargain. Research shows that 71% of consumers can recall the exact price they paid for individual purchases, while 51% of supermarket sales are on price-promotion lines {{COVER FEATURE }}