Bass has come up with a high value offer to attract consumers to Hooch. In exchange for proof of purchase of eight bottles of the brand, it is offering a Siemens C351 WAP mobile phone. This comes complete with free connection to Cellnet, a hands free kit, an in car charger and a leather case ­ a package which could be worth over £80. Consumers will have to pay their own £12.99 monthly contract if they wish to use the phone. Brand manager at Bass Mark Prescod said: "This is a very strong offer but it is not too good too be true. From my point of view the more people who buy into it the better." The original lemon alcopop has seen its market share eroded by the new style premium packaged spirits and it is now number three in the sector behind Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice. {{DRINKS }}