New Mercedes E-Class

Consider yourself forgiven if you can&'t immediately distinguish the revised Mercedes E-Class from the car that&'s been around for four years. Unless you know your Benzes backwards, the changes are hard to spot. Recent tweaking of the exterior and interior styling won&'t threaten the current model&'s resale value and the big changes are hidden away. Like what? Five new or revised engines, for a start. There have also been small but significant chassis changes and a bundle of new safety kit has been introduced. There&'s also an optional intelligent lighting system that automatically varies beam pattern according to location and speed. To some extent, you&'re paying for new stuff you hope you&'ll never use, such as Neck-Pro anti-whiplash head restraints, or the Pre-Safe system that shuts windows, moves front seats to the safest position and tightens seatbelts if a crash seems likely. On a cheerier note, you get new upholstery and trim ­materials, better climate control system, four-spoke steering wheel and colour choices. E-Class and other fans will be impressed by improved driveability, handling and safety, and the promise of better reliability.
On sale from next month - expect to pay from £27,525.