No retail listings for Live 8 water

A new mineral water brand which has been chosen by Bob Geldof to be the official water at Live 8 has failed to secure any retail listings.

Profits from One, which will be seen on the Hyde Park stage at Live 8 and at Make Poverty History in Edinburgh, go towards buildingwater pumps in South Africa.

It is backed by celebrities including actress Claire Goose and the new Doctor Who, David Tennant, whose faces are pictured on the back of the 500ml bottles.

Weetabix goes the whole way

Weetabix has entered the battle of the wholegrain cereals with the launch of Weetaflakes, a wholegrain cereal that it claims is high in fibre and lower in salt and sugar than other brands.

The newcomer combines the health benefits of Weetabix with the convenience of a flake-style product.

Weetabix has also added Alpen No Added Sugar with apricots, dates and pistachios to its wholegrain-rich muesli range.

Mateus in the pink with new rosé

Mateus has rolled out a £1.2m advertising campaign supporting its latest variant, Mateus Rosé Temperanillo as well as its Mateus Rosé Original wine.

The campaign, which will be launched on television on Monday (July 4), will run throughout the summer with the aim of recruiting new, younger drinkers to the brand.