Unilever is reviewing its Carb Options range of products less than a year after launch because of a fall in the popularity of the low-carb diet.

Carb Options, launched in September last year at the height of the diet’s craze, is seen as the flagship brand in low carb.

Heinz owns the other major branded range in the category, and is also believed to be reviewing its Carb Check range, less than six months after launch.

Vim, back on UK shelves from this week, is planning an ad campaign to promote traditional cleaning values among a new generation that it says has forgotten how to use elbow grease.

The 100-year-old scouring powder is being reintroduced by new owner Gauber, which bought the brand from Unilever, after a mainstream absence of nearly a decade.

The company is planning a magazine and TV campaign starting in September, which will focus on the importance of a ‘back to basics’ approach to cleaning at home.

Brewers are outraged at Somerfield’s latest beer price promotion, believed to be the lowest ever recorded in retail.

The deal involved Interbrew, Coors and Carlsberg brands and offered any two packs of 20 cans of 440ml Carling, 20 bottles of 330ml Stella Artois or 24 bottles of 300ml Carlsberg Export for £14.
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