This week the International Obesity Task Force called for a total ban on internet food marketing to young people. Now, we know the same youngsters the IOTF is trying to protect have ready access via the net to anything from rampant porn and suicide web pages to dodgy chatrooms. So why, out of all the potentially damaging online traps, does the IOTF feel that banning websites mentioning products classed as unhealthy by a contrived government calculation should be a priority in 'protecting' kids? Using common sense and armed with basic knowledge, most children can work out what's healthy and what's not and most are able to tell the difference between carrots and crisps. And let's not forget this is the most media-savvy generation in history... So do the fat-fighting fanatics at the IOTF really believe young people are easily duped into making unhealthy choices by cartoonish web pages? Or is the truth that children simply prefer the taste of sweets, chocolate and crisps?