A growing number of Grocer Club members are joining the Association of Convenience Stores, as the raft of red tape they are faced with spirals out of control. While the main function of ACS is to maintain a dialogue with all government departments to ensure that the entire c-store sector is not disadvantaged when new legislation is framed, individual membership has significant advantages. An independent retailer with one store can join ACS for £50 plus VAT and, having done so, can call the Farnborough-based trade association if help is needed. New members automatically receive a copy of the ACS Yearbook, which carries information on all aspects of the law, including licensing legislation, packaging waste, solvents, employment law, firework sales and a free advice directory. There are also sections on training, store design, EPoS, merchandising and the top selling lines in the c-store sector. ACS also has a crime prevention kit for independent retailers consisting of the Sound Advice video, booklet and display material. For full membership details, call ACS on 01252 515001. {{GROCER CLUB }}