A new range of human resources services designed to meet the needs of the food and drinks industry is being introduced by food chain recruitment specialists Merston Peters. They include development programmes for career climbers, graduate schemes tied in with agri-food colleges and networking platforms for senior executives. Merston Peters chief executive Martin Thorley said: "We've taken a long, cold look at how operational changes to the food industry of the 21st century will affect businesses within the food supply chain, and what they will need to remain competitive. Suppliers need an increasing grasp of strategic issues affecting their business and to be able to meet the needs of retailers more effectively. Retailers, in turn, must understand the needs of their customers better. Fresh thinking and new skills are needed at all levels." Merston Peters has developed a 32-point management plan to ensure a greater fit between the needs of companies and the expectations of employees in its executive recruitment business. It has also launched a hands-on "fastrack" programme for graduates. At the other end of the scale, "boardroom briefings" for senior executives ­ high level seminars focusing on the future of food supply and retail ­ will be led by global food industry players. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}