Clive Beddall, Budapest Hungarian food exporters are set to target the UK organics market. Encouraged by the realisation that Britain imports 70% of its organic requirements, specialist meat and fresh produce firms revealed here last weekend that negotiations to supply a wider range of products had begun with potential new UK customers. Earlier, a team of UK executives spelled out the sales opportunities in the UK grocery sector at a seminar organised by AMC, the commercial arm of Hungary's ministry of agriculture. IGD director general Joanne Denney, former M&S director Mike Taylor and Henry Amar, chairman of specialist UK importer RH Amar, gave an insight into the possibilities, and possible pitfalls, for first time traders with the UK. But during the sessions in the Hungarian capital it became clear that more local agri-producers were planning to convert to organic production over the next few months. Patrick Gooch, director of the UK-based Hungarian Food and Wine Bureau, said: "With EU membership expected within five years, it's important Hungarian shippers realise the potential in Britain. Organics is a rapidly expanding area. Our fresh produce groups are well along the organics route, but we also see potential for organic meat products and honey." {{NEWS }}