Low prices and value for money are no longer the top priority with consumers in the Irish Republic. According to a new survey, customers rate hygiene as the main reason for shopping in a particular store. Among those interviewed, cleanliness got a 96% rating, with a store layout that makes items easy to find next in importance, at 93%. Friendly/helpful staff were important to 89%, with the convenient location of the store to home or work earning an 84% rating. Prices and value for money featured down the list, at 70%. The Media Research Bureau of Ireland survey confirmed Tesco and Dunnes as the big two in Ireland with a combined share of 45%. Tesco, with 23%, attracted most shoppers, and has been so successful in promoting an Irish image that almost a quarter of customers thought it was an Irish company. Dunnes was just behind Tesco, but its ad campaigns had greater impact, with 45% of all shoppers having heard or seen a Dunnes advert in the recent past. SuperValu, with a 19% market share, easily outscores the big two when it comes to topping up on the weekly shopping, attracting 15% of convenience customers. Superquinn, in fourth place with a 12% share of the market, earns an 89% rating for its friendly and helpful staff. {{NEWS }}