British Sausage Week is celebrating its ninth year this week, but has been criticised for putting money into the pockets of sausage-making giants.

Sue Nelson, chief executive of North West Fine Foods, launched an attack on the poor quality of sausages at the bottom end of the market. She said she wouldn't feed them to her children. "For Sausage Week people shouldn't buy the rubbish products - they should go out and buy the good quality ones from specialist producers."

MLC marketing manager Richard Lowe said he supported efforts to promote higher quality sausages because they were often made of British meat. But he said Sausage Week was a benefit to all producers.

The figures bear him out, with banger sales up 3% last year to £515m [TNS, 52 w/e May] and a shift towards premium lines. "The danger is that the debate is always about ingredients - we also want to celebrate sausages as a great, tasty food."