Food minister Lord Whitty was throwing them about like confetti at a conference organised by Heart of England Fine Foods, the speciality food group. Mind you, this was not a throwback to old-style Labour. He was using the words in a negative sense. The minister said he was "truly amazed" at the degree of government control and interference over farming. And if any of this Soviet style nonsense still existed within DEFRA, he said, it was because the country was "locked into a system (ie: the CAP) that's still like that". Blimey. Meanwhile, if any puzzled visitors to our noble headquarters wonder why the editor and his deputy, editor (designate) Julian Hunt were sounding off more than usual about the PR community this week, I can explain. Julian received a letter addressed to "Julia Hunt" while our esteemed ed was handed a missive for "Olive Beddall". I know there are probably many of their PR contemporaries out there who believe these names to be more apt, but the PR sinners don't make life easy for those who have to work with the dynamic duo! Needless to say, the offending press releases were binned! While we're on the subject, the PR brains orchestrating publicity for a revamped grocery stalwart gave our team every spit and cough about the relaunch ­ except the product name. "Oh, didn't we put it in the press release?" asked a PR flunky when we rang up for the salient point. "Oh dear." {{COUNTERPOINT }}