My caller wanted to know where she could flog her freezers, coolers and shelving. She also wanted to flog the stock which was worth, she estimated, between £6,000 and £7,000. How to go about it? I spoke to Victor Lightfoot, director of stock-takers Lock, Stock & Barrel, and he reckoned that the sellers should have no worries in this direction. The onus of disposing of unwanted stock/equipment should be on the incoming people, regardless of their future plans. "Most businesses are sold as a going concern," says Lightfoot, "so the vendor should hire the services of a professional evaluator who will then negotiate for a price for the stock and fittings." It goes without saying that you can't run your stock down if you are planning to sell your business, as it will look less than appetising for potential purchasers. Equally if you do a private deal and agree to dispose of the stock yourself after a sale to someone who wants to turn the premises into, say, a boutique, then you can only expect to get a knockdown price for the goods by selling to other shops in the area. {{GROCER CLUB }}