Low-carb lovers are being offered the chance to chill out with what is said to be the sector’s first ready-to-eat ice cream.
UK low-carb company Go Lower has developed a range of three premium-priced Atkins-friendly ice creams in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.
The ice cream contains 3.5g
of carbohydrates per 100g or 2.6g per 125ml serving - a typical ice cream contains more than 15g per 100g.
Go Lower co-founder Hannah Sutter said the carbohydrate content had been lowered because the ice cream contained no sugar and was sweetened with high grade chocolate, real fruit and fructo-oligosaccharides - a naturally sweet, non-digestible dietary fibre obtained from sugar.
The company entered the low-carb arena earlier in the year with a range of three branded low-carb nut bars and a chocolate brownie (The Grocer, August 7 2004, p54).
Available in 500ml tubs (rsp: £4.29), the ice cream range has already won a listing in Julian Graves and in one unnamed multiple. It will be on sale in the multiple from October 16. Sutter said she was confident sales would perform well as the newcomer was likely to be merchandised alongside regular ice creams, such as Ben & Jerry’s.
Sutter added: “It’s a premium ice cream that happens to be low in carbs.” The launch will be supported by sampling outside London Underground stations in January, which is the main slimming season.
Sean McAllister