Dieters are being tempted with a range of Weight Watchers iced desserts on a stick.
The indulgent products are coated with Belgian chocolate and come in chocolate and vanilla flavours, with a points value of three per dessert.
“Chocolate-coated iced desserts are designed to tap in to the growing snacking sector,” said category leader Amanda Walker. “We are launching these individual-serve iced desserts in the convenience channel, so consumers can treat themselves on the go without worrying about fat and calorie content.”
Weight Watchers is also adding a vanilla iced dessert to its 500ml range (rsp: £2.49). Made with real vanilla bean, it contains less than 3% fat and has a points value of one per serving. The chocolate-coated iced desserts are also available in multipacks of three through the multiples (rsp: £2.49). The individual product sells for 95p.