Only 13% of brand owners believe that they have acceptable return on investment (ROI) measures in place for instore activity, according to a survey to be published at the end of September.
The survey, conducted by Storecheck Marketing using members of point of purchase association POPAI’s Brand
Group, shows that nearly half of brand owners are considering or working on ROI measures. However, nearly 14% of brand owners questioned are not aware, or only slightly aware, of ROI on marketing activity.
“Given that recent POPAI estimates show that £750m is spent on PoP alone, it is surprising only 13% feel they have acceptable measures in place,” commented Storecheck Marketing managing director, Colin Harper.
Sales directors were leading the drive to understand ROI in the area of instore activity, with 47% of respondents identifying this as a key role. More than half of those without an effective plan were urgently examining the issue.
This urgency is unsurprising given the industry’s compliance problems. According to an IGD survey, only 41% of stores place PoP correctly, while The Grocer’s monthly Stockwatch survey shows that 12% of products are out of stock at peak selling times, and 21% on promotions.
“In the measured age we are entering, with the vast amounts of money at stake, all board members and shareholders will be able to think of better ways of gambling their money away unless both sides of the business co-operate on measuring ROI,” warned Harper.
Siân Harrington