Sir; re Staff on their way to greater respect (The Grocer, March 10, p68). Three decades ago I was trained to train. We only had to do three things: - Show a person what to do - Show them how to do it - Show them the benefits of doing it well. The major improvement to this now is that computers enable us to monitor performance faster. They are also used to report back areas of weakness, which can then be tackled immediately. Our people enjoyed flexible hours, excellent conditions, above average pay, and they were able to take decisions at the lowest possible level. We had a number of development programmes and staff could choose to follow a particular track. But to create an environment in which a quest for never-ending improvement could thrive, and add a little excitement, fun and competition, we used incentive motivation techniques ­ with great success. Thirty years on we have a survey which states "performance recognition programmes will soon be out of favour, and staff will be three times less likely to find work encroaching on their social life". They can't be serious! Can they? Malcolm B Wallace by email {{LETTERS }}