Sir; Responding to David Orpwood (Letters, May 25), I want to point out that imported foods are just as much part of "the food chain" as British. Yes, British agriculture is among the best in the world, but "among" is the operative word. Other countries grow agricultural products which are just as good as, and frequently, better than, some home-grown. It is time that NFU worthies acknowledged this fact and welcomed the competition rather than dismiss all imports as "inferior" by definition. Such a negative attitude does not help the British farmer's cause. We have always imported some food and will continue to do so because we can never be self-sufficient with the size of population we have. Having said all that, I entirely agree that genuinely inferior products should be prevented from reaching the market place, whatever their origins. The UK is not excluded as a potential origin for "inferior food", whatever Orpwood means by that term. While on this subject, I welcome the government's intention to clamp down on personal imports of meat. Clare Cheney Director general Provision Trade Federation {{LETTERS }}