Farmhouse desserts

Farmhouse Fayre has unveiled a new look and two additional dessert flavours: Luxury Sticky Gingerbread and Treacle Pudding, and Luxury Rocky Road. It is also sponsoring ITV's The Royal.

New Copella juices

Apple juice brand Copella has introduced two new flavours: Apple & Pear and Apple & Blackcurrant. It has also given the brand a new look to reflect its English provenance.

Mozzarella balls

Lactalis McLelland has brought out two packs of Galbani Santa Lucia mozzarella in easy- to-open pouches containing 20 balls. One variant offers a 38% reduction in fat content.

Bendicks gets festive

Bendicks has overhauled its offer ahead of Christmas, with its Mint Collection and Werther's Original brands available in new pack formats. Both brands will be supported by significant advertising.