A retailer in Berkshire, impressed by an ad in Daltons Weekly, put her business in the hands of a business transfer agent, paying £350 deposit. A couple of months later she received a letter informing her that the marketing budget' (ie the £350) had been spent and it needed more money. She withdrew her business and was then told that she had to pay a £250 withdrawal fee. Both these points had been covered in the fine print but not verbally, (you can see why. It's not much of a sales point). So, £600 lighter, she still has not sold her business. If you find yourself in this position it is worth refusing to pay to the point where it looks as if the company may make good its threats to sue you. Then you could start to negotiate. The company will often come down in price' to avoid going to court. There is always the possibility too, that it would lose its case if push came to shove, particularly if it is the small claims court where the judges often favour the small man over the big company. {{GROCER CLUB }}